Spectral imaging and precision agriculture empower growers throughout the agricultural cycle. Pre-harvest, they help minimize water and nutrient inputs, reducing costs and avoiding excessive fertilization. Simultaneously, they maximize yields by detecting plant stress early. Post-harvest, spectral imaging facilitates quality assessment, sorting, grading, and storage monitoring, ensuring high-quality produce reaches supply chain partners.

Handheld Inspection

Growers and agronomists can collect data at multiple points in the field and/or greenhouse to monitor plant health and detect stress early. Neptune's portability enables handheld operation by non-experts, facilitating the collection of differential data for analysis. This capability can be particularly useful for detecting fungi and mold and addressing inputs shortages.

Greenhouses and Vertical Farms

Ongoing crop monitoring at fixed installations in greenhouses and vertical farms is now possible using Monarch Pro and Solomon. With a wide field of view and high resolution, comparative analysis becomes easy throughout the plant growth cycle. Early detection of diseases, fungi, and mold can prevent widespread damage and safeguard crops.

Robots & machinery

Integrating Monarch Pro into agricultural robots and machinery offers an efficient solution for labor-saving. With its wide field of view and high resolution, Monarch Pro enables ongoing crop monitoring throughout the plant growth cycle. Early detection of plant stress can prevent widespread damage, all while reducing the need for manual labor.

Nitrogen Deficit Detection in Bananas

Neptune, when deployed for banana cultivation, enables early detection of nitrogen fertilizer shortages. By capturing multispectral data from banana plants, Neptune’s high-resolution imaging detects subtle changes in leaf color and texture. This proactive approach allows growers to adjust nutrient management promptly, optimizing yield and resource utilization.

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widespread crop damage, all while optimizing labor efficiency. For instance, detecting the yellow virus early can save entire tomato crops.

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