Unleash the potential of spectral imaging with our portable, handheld multispectral NIR camera designed for indoor/outdoor adaptability, effortless data capture, instant visualizations, and touchscreen ease, all powered by an integrated battery for continuous operation.

Neptune: The portable multispectral camera that’s perfect for on-the-go use in agriculture, environmental studies, and more, with easy-to-use features and clear visualizations.

Key Advantages

Handheld NIR spectral camera

Indoor/Outdoor versatility

Operator-friendly data collection

Broadband NIR illumination

Instant visualizations

Touchscreen simplicity

Real World Spectral Imaging

Neptune transcends the lab, delivering actionable insights directly in the field, factory, and clinic. Its capacity to gather real-world data is crucial for constructing dependable models, ensuring that decisions are grounded in solid data and actual conditions.

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