About Us

Unispectral, a trailblazer in the field of spectral imaging, originated from the labs of Tel Aviv University after years of rigorous research. Established in 2016, we have been steadfast in our commitment to developing top-tier spectral imaging solutions at an affordable price, thereby dismantling the traditional barriers of cost, size, and complexity that have impeded the widespread adoption of spectral imaging.

We envisaged a world where the power of hyperspectral imaging could be harnessed by even the most basic cameras integrated into mobile phones or industrial inspection systems.

After five years of profound research and development in optic and MEMS technology, we successfully pioneered a tunable MEMS-based Fabry–Pérot filter. This innovative filter holds the potential to metamorphose any compact camera into a formidable hyperspectral camera.

With this technological breakthrough, our spectral cameras, designed for the mass market, have found applications across various domains such as agriculture, food, biomedical, forensics, and more. Our spectral cameras have earned the trust of OEMs, integrators, industry professionals, and research users.


We take pride in supporting our customers globally from our headquarters in Israel, bolstered by an extensive network of distributors. Recognizing the importance of local market needs, we have established a subsidiary in China to provide dedicated support and services to our Chinese customers. Our team of experts stands ready to advise and propose suitable solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Welcome to Unispectral, where high-end vision meets high-end sensing.

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