Unispectral Launches Solomon – A New Era of Multimodal Imaging

Introducing Solomon: A New Era of Multimodal Imaging

Experience the convergence of high-end vision and sensing with Solomon, our integrated multimodal camera system. Solomon seamlessly merges dual-lens VNIR hyperspectral capabilities for comprehensive spectral sensing with an RGB camera that supports essential functions like viewfinder and AI-based object analysis. All these are encased in a robust housing, offering a seamless plug-and-play approach.

Solomon transcends traditional imaging boundaries, revolutionizing context-aware hyperspectral imaging. With Solomon, you’re not confined to a single perspective. Our camera system harmoniously combines hyperspectral data for material identification and RGB data for visual context. This rich dataset empowers researchers, engineers, professionals, and machines to extract deeper insights.

Whether you’re studying crop health, inspecting industrial components, or diagnosing medical conditions, Solomon ensures accuracy by leveraging the complementary information from VNIR and RGB data.

Designed for field use, Solomon is built to withstand rugged conditions. Its compact form factor ensures portability, while energy-efficient components keep you powered throughout your mission. Embrace the future of imaging with Solomon.